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BLENDING OLD AND NEW Modern Architecture, contemporary designs is the trend that we see around us today. Interior design concepts have evolved over time and simplicity, minimalistic surrounding, monochromes, pastels are what people prefer mostly in today& #39;s lifestyle.    Being an architect, I come across different type of clients with varied interests, some who like to experiment with colors, techniques, art forms, Some who prefer just the basics. Interestingly there are some people who are patrons of traditional art forms.... In the interest of supporting some of the artists who even today make a living by following their passion of ancient, handmade artworks passed on to them by their ancestors. It& #39;s indeed a treat to our eyes watching them work on these amazing pieces of artwork.        During one of my residential projects very close to our office, I was introduced to a very simple looking, young and shy person, must be in late twenties, who in the first meet would come across as a vendor. Little did I know that he was an artist from Kerala and he would be working on a mural on a blank wall right in front of the main entrance of this new residence... This wall was about 12& #39; x 10& #39;.  A mural could mean anything, a portrait of a person Or a scenery...floral patterns or a modern design with shapes and projections. But I wasn& #39;t sure what was going to come up. I tried asking him in Kannada, which he clearly didn’t understand and he tried to say something in Malayalam, which clearly I couldn’t understand. So the interesting conversation ended there. The only thing I could do was to wait n watch.        I was told that theirs was a team of three people working on this mural and it would take about 20 days to complete it. 20 days for a mural?... What could it be... I wondered.         Since the project was just a 5 min. walk from our office, Me and my colleagues decided to visit the place regularly during the process to see the developments and more so, for the curiosity of what and how it would be done.        The first visit was such a big surprise for us. The moment we entered the house, the complete wall right in front of us had a beautiful sketch of Lord Krishna and many other elements surrounding this main sketch, and it was unbelievable to see every square inch of the wall was covered with pencil strokes, completely hand drawn. All we did was stare at the amazing detailing, proportion and scale of this mural. Although it was still just a white plastered wall with pencil sketch on it... It was amazing to see a huge canvas in front of us. The wall was a sketching pad for the artist on which he had expressed his imagination beautifully. If the sketch was so beautiful, we could only imagine the beauty of the final outcome. Every visit, to see mural in the process of being made was so educative and inspiring. Day by day the colours, expressions, outlines got darker and bold and it seemed like the artist was adding life and beauty to all the characters. 20 days later, we were standing in front of a beautiful piece of art, staring at it, I don’t think we even blinked our eyes, while appreciating the amazing creativity. This was the famous Guruvayur painting, an ancient art form developed in Kerala. Uniqueness of this is the colours that they use. It’s mostly a bright orange background with Human size sketches of deities, usually Lord Krishna, Radha and her friends with a thick forest and animals in the back ground, and butterflies and many other creatures, depicting the beauty of Nature. The amazing detailing of the Jewellery, curls of the long hair, the expressions on the deer, beautiful peacocks, was totally mesmerizing to watch. The Eyes of the Deity and the others were full of life and the curves of the bodies could make any one of us jealous. We stood in front of a priceless mural, that spoke loud and clear about brightness, proportion, love for nature, hard work, patience, tradition and perfection at its peak. This kind of art work in the form of sculptures, created by ancient artists hundreds of years ago in places like Halebeed, Belur is something we have always appreciated. But the transformation of a blank wall to this mural without an inch left uncovered left us with goose bumps. The wall speaks out loud about the artists creativity, simplicity even while executing a wonderful and complicated piece of art, his humbleness and sincerity, and it was indeed my greatest pleasure to have met Mr. Prabeesh. Now I have clients who want to blend this artwork in their modern homes too. I hope this amazing talent is passed to many others in future.
“An Artificially created Environment does not provide the inhabitants, with the normal balanced conditions ( either physically, spatially and mentally ) for daily living, work, rest and recreation. . . . . A. RIMSHA (author of Town planning in hot climates …by Mir publishers, Moscow.)