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29-12-17 : Vaastu Shastra The Vaastu phenomenon, ostensibly based on ancient Sanskrit texts, is particularly prevalent in Bangalore, the high-tech city known as the “Silicon Valley of India”, because of its pre-eminence in software. The strange hold of Vaastu beliefs has led even businesses to look for premises which are “Vaastu-compliant”, an expression which has gained wide currency of late, as evident in real estate advertisements. Most avoid south-facing buildings regarded as harbingers of misfortune, as this direction is supposed to be ruled by the God of death, Yama. However, about a quarter of all buildings face south, and the occupants have fared no worse than the others. Paradoxically, just 25 miles away from Bangalore, across the border in the neighboring State of Tamil Nadu, South-facing buildings are preferred for well-being.

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